European goose down pillow, soft and low

Luxurious, soft and low down pillow made of environmentally-certified European goose down.


Length: 60 cm Width: 50 cm

Carpe Diem Beds down pillow Soft & Low fits those who often sleep on their back or tummy. A filling of 350 g goose down mixed with feathers (90/10) gives the pillow a soft and yielding comfort. Embroidered Carpe Diem Beds logo and decorative silver satin piping. Certificates and approvals: Öko Tex Standard 100, Nomite, Downafresh Greenline

Washing Instructions:

Only wash your down duvet and pillow if absolutely necessary and when possible use only water (60°C). When detergent is needed use a special brand that will keep the down moisturized, such as EngmoDun Wash. Tumble dry thoroughly for up to 6-8 hours…